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Good job! Its really hard to make it, trust me i know im a mommy of 3 boys I've recently became a distributor because I used the product and it really works. I was looking for an "at home" income because I cant afford the childcare cost. and i couldnt find anything until now. I love it all I have to do is share my story with others and they cant wait to try body wraps themselves. Anyways the point of me telling you any of this is to let you know about the opportunity to make more money (with out having to spend more time away from your babies) and if you do really great maybe even cut your hours back or quit and do this full time. If you have any question let me know if i dont respond here (I have not gotten used to the new format of aidpage yet lol) try my fb https://happybody.myitwor...
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I recently lost my job unexpectedly and am in need of rent assistance or me and the kids will be evicted. Ive since found a new job but the 2 months unemployed put me behind. Any help or information on assistance programs is greatly appreciated....thanks for your time.
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